La Barrière de Fer
"La Barrière de Fer" ou l'Architecture des Forts du Général Séré de Rivières (1872-1914)
Author: Lieutenant-colonel (e.r.) Philippe Truttmann
The illustration includes a summary of the chapters.
To order contact:
Gerard Klopp
79, rue de Longwy
57100 Thionville
Tel: (+33) 3 82 88 56 18
Fax : (+33) 3 82 34 31 56
Use the FAX if ordering outside of France.
The book has over 500 pages and is in a large format of 24 x 33.5 cm and is hardbound with quality binding (not glued).
Over 400 illustrations and exceptional aerial views.
160 plans of architecture and armament.
The special price is only valid until the end of February 2001 (including postage) for SITE O members:
930 FF for Europe
(880 FF plus 50 FF for mailing)
980 FF for U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and most other regions
(880 FF plus 100 FF for mailing)

Klopp book cover - 75kB
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Rene Roede's Fortress Books Specializing on all types of Fortifications:
Fortress books
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Alain Chazette
Histoire & Fortifications
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North American Forts Bookstore
Peter Payette


RZM Imports Inc.
Established in 1986, is known around the world by military enthusiasts as the source for high quality photo and history books, magazines and videos on World War II.
For US orders only. Gives 10% discount and free shipping by UPS in US on all order.
Back issues of AFTER THE BATTLE -magazine available.

FORTRESS EUROPE by J.E. Kaufmann and Robert Jurga
Available in the U.S. from Combined Publishing:
or 1-800-418-6065
Available in the U.K. from Greenhill Books:


FORTECA is a quarterly publication consisting of approximately 64 pages.
Most pages have one or more drawings, photos or plans in B&W.
Those on the front and back covers are in color. At the end of each article is a summary in English. Each illustration caption is in Polish and English. Beginning in 1999 one article, for overseas subscribers only, will be entirely in English. A subscription runs from spring to spring and a subscription includes issues 1 through 4 no matter what time of year one takes the subscription.

To subscribe to the magazine for those of you living in the United States, send $30 to:
J.E. Kaufmann
PO Box 680-484
San Antonio, Texas 78268
For this reduction in price from the regular overseas subscription rate you will receive your four issues in two mailings (two issues will be mailed together every 6 months).
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Jaroslaw Chorzepa by e-mail at
Jaroslaw Chorzepa
ul. Sadowa 6/66
06-300 Przasnysz
Price is 40 DM or 25 USD or equivalent
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FORTIFICATIONS & PATRIMOINE is part of the membership fee for Le Mur.
This French magazine is issued four times a year and includes several articles on nothing but fortifications. It is usually 50 or more pages and includes some color and B&W photos with numerous maps and drawings.
Those wanting to subscribe from the US should contact J.E. Kaufmann (


Military Books including fortifications of World War II
The Mail address is:
Editions Heimdal Château de Damigny
BP 320 F-14403 Bayeux Cedex, FRANCE
Specializing in World War II books. Main collections include Albums Historiques (480 pages, approximately 1000 B&W photographs, and French text)
Main titles:
Atlantikwall 1940-1944
La Bretagne en Guerre 1940-1945
Kriegsmarine (Manche, Mer du Nord, Atlantique)
Les trains blindés 1826-1989
Overlord - D-Day en Normandie (text in English)
Collection Historica (75 to 100 pages, heavily illustrated, and French text
Le Mur de l'Atlantique en Normandie (Chazette/Destouches)
La bataille des forts - Verdun, Metz 1914-1918
La Flak - La DCA allemande 1935-1945
Guide de la Ligne Maginot
Témoins du Mur de l'Atlantique (Color photos of the Atlantic Wall)
Les V1 en Normandie (German secret weapons in the Cotentin Peninsula)

Heimdal's 39-45 MAGAZINE also includes one article on fortifications listed as BUNKERARCEO. This French magazine is usually over 60 pages and comes out monthly.
CONTACT Heimdal at the above address for prices. Orders can be done by e-mail with a major credit card.

Click here for Stone& Stone Second World War Books
The following items are for sale by Jean Puelinckx and the organization operation Fort Aubin-Neufchateau. Each item is basically a photocopy and consists of text, illustrations and/or photos with a siple plastic/cardcover type binding. THis is why the prices are rather low. The quality of the photos varies because of this, but the photo copying has no adverse affect on the quality of the drawings.
  1. Materiel de 81MLe 1932 De Casemate $3.00 This covers the standard 81-mm mortars used in the Belgian fortification and is extracted from a document of 8 Nov. 1935 from the archives. Text in French with 26 pages including 8 drawings and 1 photo.
  2. Fort d'Aubin-Neufchateau: Dossier technique $5.00 These are instructions for the use of monte-charges for 75-mm gun turrets and casemates and 120-mm gun turrets. Text in French with 79 pages including 34 illustrations (most of these are of the monte-charges and elements of them)
  3. RFL (or VSL) Ceux d'AubinNeufchateau $7.50 The subtitle is "May 10 to May 21, 1940: The Heroic Defense of Fort Aubin- Neufchateau". It is a description of the the battle that took place and includes an index for reference. Text of RFL is in French and VSL is in Flemish. 62 pages which includes 3 drawings (including a plan of the fort) and 28 photos. Specify Flemish or French version.
  4. Fort d'Aubin-Neufchateau-Journal de campagne du capitain $5.00 This is basically the diary of the commander of the fort and includes a list of all the members of the garrison, the type of weapons, and weapons mounted in each block. It begins with May 10, 1940 and has entries posted by time of day and ends on May 21, 1940. Text is in French and it has 43 pages which include two drawings (one of the fort) and over 50 small photos.
  5. PFL-VSL-FRL Aubin Neufchateau $8.50 This item is in four languages which makes an excellent reference. It is a detailed description of the fort with a series of drawings that include some with perspective views. The illustratins are not extremely complex and can be easilyi interpreted with the multi-lingual legends. This is virtually the anatomy of this Belgian fort with many excellent illustrations by Jean Puelinckx. 95 pages which include over 80 illustrations plus a few small photos.


Order all 5 items for $24.50 (instead of $29) plus postage.
Postage will be by Priority mail which is based on weight. It is possible that 2 or more items may cost the minimum of $3.20. Book rate is also an opition.
Contact J.E. Kaufmann at
We only have a limited number of copies available in the US.
If you are outside of the US you most contact Jean Puelinckx at

Who Cares Who Wins
by Jimmy Quentin Hughes
Although this book is not about fortifications, it is the story of one of the "Deans of Military Architectural History".
The book describes his wartime experiences as a member of the elite British SAS. He was on the fortified island of Malta during the Axis siege and was later captured behind the lines in Italy and soon after served with the Italian Partisans.
To order the book send $50 US or $75 Canadian for an autographed hard cover edition or $30 US or $40 Canadian Dollars for the paper back edition to:
The Charico Press
The Coach House
10a Fulwood Park
Liverpool L17 5AH UK

Those ordering in the UK the price is £25 Sterling for the signed edition or £15 Sterling for the paperback.



Defending New Zealand
Defending New Zealand - Ramparts on the Sea 1840-1950s'.
I - 2 volumes, 1080 pages, 700 photos and 470 maps and plans.
Weight 3kg.
Price $NZ165 to Australia
$NZ185 to the Americas or Asia
and $NZ190 for anywhere else.
International Money order or Cashiers Checks accepted.
Contact Peter Cooke for details at